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Foodborne Illness Advisor

Are you interested in improving methods of screening, analyzing, and tracking foodborne illness complaints at your health department?

Foodborne Illness Advisor is an award-winning database application that advises inspectors regarding the validity of a foodborne illness complaint, the likely place of exposure, possible pathogens and commonly associated foods.  The application provides interactive feedback about a foodborne illness complaint using built-in epidemiologic algorithms.  In 2003, Foodborne Illness Advisor received the Excellence in Environmental Health Award by the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health and the Productivity and Quality Award by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to identify outbreaks not detected by the traditional system, through better linkage of sporadically reported cases and tracking of outbreaks identified from single reports. 

  • Embedded epidemiologic algorithms to determine the likely validity of a complaint and identify probable exposures, possible pathogens, and commonly associated foods. 

  • Calculates probable exposure period based on symptoms, onset, and duration of illness.

  • Capability of linking to existing inspection databases and providing inspection history data on foodborne illness investigation reports.

  • Provides reports on foodborne illness complaints by year reported and action taken.

  • “Quick site finder” feature that provides automated lookup of the food establishment.  Food establishments can be searched by city, cross-streets, and/or street address.

  • Cost avoidance savings due to reduced personnel time in looking up the identifier, address, and history of the food establishment.

  • User friendly, requiring almost no training for those previously using manual records systems

  • Uses real time error checking to minimize input of incorrect data.


Foodborne Illness Advisor is free of charge (technical support not included). Discount 10% off of support packages purchased on the same day as Foodborne Illness Advisor is requested.

Description SKU # Price
Foodborne Illness Advisor AP-1 $0.00
Introductory Support TS-1 $399
Standard Support TS-2 $999
Upgrade/Customization AP-2 Call

Terms and conditions

Foodborne Illness Advisor: Because this application is free of charge, the application is provided "as is" and no technical support is provided, nor is there any warranty for the program.

Introductory Support: Includes three hours of technical support for setup and orienting to the application.  $100 for each additional hour (beyond three hours).  Technical support provided via email or phone.  Must be used within a year of purchase.

Standard Support: Includes ten hours of technical support to be used within two years of the purchase date.  $75 for each additional hour (beyond ten hours).  Technical support provided via email or phone. 

Upgrade/Customization: If you are interested in adding features, reports, or customizing Foodborne Illness Advisor to better meet the needs of your health department, please contact EpiTech Consulting for a free price quote and estimated time frame for development.

For more information or to request any of the Foodborne Illness Advisor products, please email or contact (818) 574-8676.